The amazing trick between iPhone and Mac that is indistinguishable from magic

Arthur C. Clarke said that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” And the truth is that this trick that allows you to scan from Mac with iPhone has always seemed to me one of those things that are magical. A complex technology applied to a difficult problem, but completely transparent to the user.

Scan from Mac without touching the iPhone screen

The trick comes from tiktoker Seba Urbanoqué reminds us of a functionality that comes and goes from time to time. In fact, we recently saw it in Applesphere as the fastest way to scan documents from the Mac. As we saw at the time:

  • In a folder or on the Mac desktop, right-click and go to Import from iPhone > Scan Documents.
  • The iPhone camera will be unlocked, just point it at the document to be scanned and the device will take care of capturing it.
  • Click Save if we are satisfied or Repeat if we prefer to try again.
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When we click save, the scanned document will appear automatically and without we have to do anything else. The truth is that it is very comfortable, with little intervention by the user. Just have an updated iPhone and Mac and the same Apple ID on both computers.

Another trick that we see in the TikTok video We have also seen it other times. This is the use of Live Text, which allows us to copy a text with the iPhone camera and paste it on the Mac (it is so good that some students used it to copy notes). Just do the following:

  • We open the iPhone camera and focus on the document.
  • At the bottom right there will be a text icon, which we will press.
  • Then, we select all the text and copy it.
  • With the Mac nearby we can paste the copied text directly into any document or into Notes.
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The truth is that this is another way to scan documents with iPhone. A very simple one without all the details of a traditional scan. You will only have the important thing: the text.