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  5. The 5 keys to make an iPhone or Android mobile fly if it is slow

The 5 keys to make an iPhone or Android mobile fly if it is slow

The 5 keys to make an iPhone or Android mobile fly if it is slow

There are many reasons why smartphones whether they are iPhone or Android start to decline over time.

While it is true that a new computer always makes you feel like you are working at a different pace, the reality is that it often contains few applications and files, so the comparison is not fair.

On this occasion, Infobae will show how to make a smartphone faster, so that if the user suddenly notices that it is slowing down, he knows what he can do. For this, 5 keys will be presented according to the situation and the moment, and the reader will have to decide which one to use.

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1. Power off and power on the smartphone

A mobile phone is designed to perform superlatively. However, there may be some situations where something goes wrong; an app keeps running instead of closing, or there are some specific types of errors that will be difficult to fix on their own.

So before taking any other action, it is always better to restart the mobile device to make sure it is not a specific problem.

when the mobile phone reboot, the operating system will do an internal cleanup and everything will reboot. In this way, the small punctual errors that may occur will be solved, it being normal for the mobile device to be a little “fresh” and work better.

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2. Uninstall unused apps

All applications that have been installed on a mobile device consume resources. Some are just storage, but others running in the background can consume RAM.

Therefore, another step that can be taken is to uninstall some applications to free up space and resources.

The best way to choose which applications to start removing are the ones that are used the least, and obviously prioritizing the ones that are used on a daily basis.

Some apps may not be able to be uninstalled, but at least you’ll have the option to disable them. They will stay there, but take up as little space as possible, won’t need updates, and won’t use RAM.

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3. Keep your mobile device always up to date

This is another trick that seems like a small thing, but it is still important for a mobile phone to work without problems. You must keep it updated, both the mobile device and the applications that are being used.

This will fix detected bugs and improve overall performance with each update.

4. If an app is not responding, force it to close

Sometimes the mobile slows down because an application has been “hooked” and is continuously consuming resources, even when it is not being used. In these cases, it is better to force its closure.

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– Android: Click on a button or square gesture to see the active applications on the mobile device and, once inside, drag and close the applications that you do not want to use.

– iPhone: Go to multitasking and drag up the app you want to force close.

And if that doesn’t work, there’s a second way to force stop an app on Android:

It is through the mobile settings where you have to enter the list of applications, click on the applications you want to close and in the application tab, click on the option forced stop.

Now if you want to use the app, open it again and you will see that the error is resolved. Otherwise, you will have to uninstall it.

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5. Reset smartphone to factory settings

And the last resort in case of a breakdown is to reset the mobile to factory settings, so that everything is as newly purchased.

Here, it is better to backup all important data first and then proceed with restoration. This will remove all files from the mobile device and leave it completely clean.

– Android: To do this you have to enter the mobile phone settings and once inside click on the System section. Inside, go to Advanced and then tap on recovery options. There you will see the option Go back to the original state.

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– iPhone: go to Settings of the mobile device. Once inside, access General. Here you have to scroll down until you see the Transfer or reset iPhone section. You will have two options: Restore or Erase content and settings.

The first one works to restore certain values ​​of the device, while the second one leaves the cell phone as when it was just bought.


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