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The 1952 prophecy of Elon Musk as the emperor of Mars

The 1952 prophecy of Elon Musk as the emperor of Mars

It appears that in the 1952 scientific essay, Mars projectby Wernher von Braun, a leading rocket engineer in Hitler’s Germany, and later in the United States, there is a kind of prophecy on the future of Elon Musk, the ambitious CEO of Space X, as well as owner of Neuralink, Starlink and Tesla.

Some time ago Elon Musk had proclaimed himself Emperor of the Red Planetand apparently this was already foreseen in the book, written by Von Braun between 1948 and 1949, as reported by several tabloids across the Channel.

Von Braun is the man who, once he arrived in the USA, after the Truman presidency secretly transferred over 1500 Reich scientists to the United States through what is known as Operation Paperclip, created the Saturn V launch vehicle which carried the Apollo missions to the Moon between 1968 and 1972.

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Elon’s prophecy as the leader of a future Martian colony

In the book published almost 70 years ago, the author hypothesizes the birth of a human colony on Mars on which a “Martian government made up of ten men” and chaired by a leader would have been established “Elected by universal suffrage for five years and called Elon”. It could therefore really seem that Von Braun prophesied Musk’s future and ambitions.

In reality it would seem more likely that this is just a coincidence. Indeed, the Elon to which von Braun refers is not a man whose first name is Elon, rather Elon is the name given to political office Martian of this man. Elon is in fact an ancient name of Hebrew origin which means oak or tree of God.

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It seems that it was u who brought this curious fact to attentionn Musk followers on Twitter, who published an excerpt from the book page. Musk responded with another tweet asking himself: “Are we sure it’s true?”

Of course it’s no secret that this is the ambitious goal of Elon Musk, perhaps not becoming its supreme leader, but certainly being a leading figure in the Martian colonization. As he himself stated: “It will take enormous resources to build a city on Mars. I want to be able to contribute as much as possible”.

Ph. Credit: Huffington post