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Tesla’s storage tanks at the price of Musk’s tweets are ‘too high’

Tesla’s storage tanks at the price of Musk’s tweets are ‘too high’

Tesla shares were sold at a price of around $ 760 a share, after Musk after 11:11 on Tweet fell below $ 700 a share in a few minutes, after which it rose slightly. At noon, inventories fell 8%.

This tweet appeared among several tweets, beginning with the announcement that “I sell almost all my physical things” and “I will not have a home”, followed by the lyrics of the US national anthem and another tweet indicating that his girlfriend, pop singer Grimes, “He’s mad at me.”

IMO is a well known acronym “in my opinion”.

After a tweet about the stock price, he wrote the tweet “Now give the people YOUR FREEDOM,” a visible mention of the coronavirus lockdown that Musk has long protested.

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In October 2018, Musked reached an agreement with the SEC that anything posted on Twitter that may affect the company’s stock price will be verified before posting Tweet. It was after Musk wrote on Twitter that he had a contract to take over a private company, which later didn’t pan out.

Muska’s tweet about the stock price probably won’t bother him, said John Coffee, a professor of corporate law at Columbia University. First, the tweet simply determines Musk’s personal opinion of the stock price, not anything specific.

“What’s more, very rarely does the CEO admit that his share price is too high, and those ratings should be encouraged, not punished,” Coffee said in an email.

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This isn’t the first time Musk has said the company’s own stock price has been inflated. “The share price we have is higher than we are entitled to deserve it,” he said at a party in London in 2013.

In December 2019 he tweeted “Whoa… the stocks are so high hahaha”.