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Tesla signs the Amicus Brief against Trump, Musk does not leave the board

Tesla signs the Amicus Brief against Trump, Musk does not leave the board

Elon Musk in these hours has signed, in a totally voluntary way, the Amicus Brief presented by 97 companies opposed to the Muslim Ban by President Donald Trump.

L’Amicus Curiae, legally speaking, it is a document submitted voluntarily to a court of law to help judges decide on a case. Whoever presents an Amicus Curiae is not a party to the process, but an external person who wants to contribute their own point of view.

In this case then 97 American companies, including Apple, Adobe, Bungie, Google, AirBNB, Microsoft, Autodesk, Reddit and many more (the full list is available here) they signed a document in which they explain in detail why the Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban harms their professional activity (it is very interesting, you can read it here). The only big exception is Amazon.

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The document is addressed to the Washington court, which is committed to deliberating the legitimacy of the Muslim Ban designed by Trump. The Islamic blockade in the meantime it was suspended.

The reason for the protest has bases ethical and at the same time practices. From an ethical point of view all the companies supporting the Amicus Brief are largely made up of emigrants from other countries, and Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban makes it very difficult for these people to maintain relationships with their families. From a practical point of view instead, tech companies are always looking for new talent, so if they find a code genius in a blocked country, simply they could not assume it.

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For this and other reasons therefore, Tesla and SpaceX, both owned by Elon Musk, have insisted on being among the signatories of the document. The event is quite particular, but it is certainly also motivated by the fact that, after the founder of the two companies announced that he would not abandon the position of adviser to Trump, on twitter many posts from users appeared like mushrooms announcing that they no longer want to buy a product from someone who supports a fascist policy and racist.

The Tesla CEO’s approach is actually not exactly incorrect, in fact Elon Musk has never claimed to appreciate Donald Trump’s political conduct, but he has always said that Trump was not suitable, for many reasons, to hold the position of president of the United States. His role as adviser in fact, it should serve a “Limit” the damage of the president, and at the same time to lay the foundations for building the utopia of universal civilization, without barriers and borders, and with free and unlimited access to sources of clean energy.

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One of Elon Musk’s earliest activities on the Trump board is one proposal to further tax fossil fuels, in the name of a more environmentally friendly economy. Ua tax on fossil fuels proposed by the owner of the world’s most famous brand of electric cars: perhaps that Elon Musk, in addition to a far-sighted utopian, is also an excellent one business man?