Temperatures too high to bear: a worrying future

It seems to be getting hotter every year. It is not just an impression, it is like that. According to a new study, in just 50 years, nearly half of the earth’s population will suffer from temperatures that are too hot to bear. Among them, most will be poor people who will not be able to afford mechanisms to reduce the heat, such as the air conditioning.

The forecasts are not good, neither the most optimistic nor the most pessimistic ones. In the first caseover a couple of billion people in 50 years they could be in this condition. In the second case we always speak of 50 years, but of 3.5 billion people scattered across almost all continents.

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Too high temperatures and the climatic niche

There is a climatic range within which both animals and humans are at ease. The current state, only 1% of the population is outside the range, 29 degrees Celsius on average; the area is that of the Middle East and it is about 20 million people.

The first areas that will come out of this climatic niche is located in Africa, South America, Asia and Oceania. However, the speech is always based on the average temperatures of the whole year so a little the whole world will have to face particularly difficult times in terms of high temperatures.

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Obviously, this is not just a catastrophic situation on an environmental level, but it is much bigger. Environmental damage will cause more and more waves of migration due to health emergencies and economic crises. If the whole world will not suffer too high numbers on the thermometer, the other aspects are different.