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Telegram app arrives on Windows, Mac and Linux Desktop PCs in a stable version

Telegram app arrives on Windows, Mac and Linux Desktop PCs in a stable version

Telegram, in the course of these last hours, it has ordered the release of the final version of the stable desktop client in version 1.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux OS. Available for a long time now for all users of the platform, it has now been completed with the definitive stable version. In this case, there are some substantial differences compared to the desktop management of the rival Whatsapp Messenger.

Unlike the latter, in fact, it is really very interesting that the app does not require a continuous pairing of the smartphone on the same network in order to operate but, in fact, it becomes completely independent from this. The app, therefore, is stand-alone and boasts a complete overhaul of the graphical user interface.

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On the desktop, like the mobile counterpart, there is the management of the application functions in Material Design. The user can still have adequate levels of customization that allow you to vary the aesthetic appearance of the UI, thanks to the integrated support for additional themes provided by the Theme Channel.

With Telegram app Desktop no particular additions are expected regarding the already complete functionality of the application product seen in the mobile sector. We have support for the synchronization of all messages, the possibility of using stickers, animated images in GIF format, bots and all the specifications that, so far, we have come to know in this application context.

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As already mentioned, the apps are synchronized, in the strictest sense of the term. In fact, in this context, the texts being typed are also in sycn. If you start writing a message and your phone runs out, you can then resume your work from your PC. A feature that, together with the stand-alone features of the software, will allow you to distance yourself from the indisputable and widely used Whatsapp apps.

Telegram Desktop offers the level of point-to-point encryption like the mobile version and is also completed with the possibility of using it in Telegram Web therefore, without even the need to install the product. However, the company strongly suggests using stand-alone software.

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The updated version of the platform is made available through the company’s official website for the expected Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Just install the software application on your system and log in to your personal account (if you don’t have it, you will obviously need to create it from scratch). At this point all our documents, messages and multimedia contents will be synchronized between devices via the cloud.

What do you think of this latest implementation? You are a regular user of competing platforms and the only obstacle to the adoption of Telegram was it really the lack of a stable Desktop version? Now you have no excuses and, if you have them, tell us what they are by leaving us your comments on it.

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