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Technology and Science: Elon Musk wants to merge human brain and computer

Technology and Science: Elon Musk wants to merge human brain and computer

Elon Musk is known in the context of new,thanks especially to Tesla Motors, and in particular for the great results achieved in autonomous driving. Lately, however, the well-known American entrepreneur wants to go further.

Is called Neuralink, the new company that will have the task of assimilating human brain functions to those of a centralized artificial intelligence system. The company is still in its infancy, and counts at least in these early stages in the creation of simple devices to be implanted in the human brain in order to interface an AI software.

These are decidedly futuristic solutions for the moment out of reach of the consumer public, but certainly interesting in terms of optimizing the memory capacity of human beings, and interfacing with any other Smart devices.

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Already today there are technological solutions, mostly medical, which try to interface directly with our nervous system, and which in a certain sense transform us into “cyborgs”, just think of hearing aids, or bypasses. However, they are emergency solutions, which on the one hand try to solve a problem and not add a “capacity”, on the other hand they are decidedly uncomfortable.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Neuralink is a company born basically for medical research purposes in California, only last July 2016. It is not excluded, therefore, that the company has as its objective the treatment of degenerative diseases through reprogramming and interacting with our neural system.

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Currently we do not have a clear and precise picture of the functioning of the brain and, moreover, the methods used for data collection are far from evolved. However, the research has started, and an important player like Elon Musk gives us the guarantee that the results will not fail.

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