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Swiss scientists break a new record for calculating the constant Pi

Swiss scientists break a new record for calculating the constant Pi

A team of Swiss scientists beat a new absolute record in the calculation of the intriguing mathematical constant Pi. On this occasion, with the help of a supercomputer, they managed to get 62.8 billion figures, which brought them even closer to the distant infinity.

As reported by Graubuenden University of Applied Sciences in an official statement released Monday, theimpressive calculation took 108 days and nine hours.

Pi computation record throughout history

This is undoubtedly a historical milestone, but to better understand its impact, let’s review the history a bit. Even the Greek mathematician Archimedesrecognized for his contributions to the density calculation, he made his mark by being able to determine the value of Pi in an interval close to his time.

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The first digits that make up the constant Pi are 3.141592653, especially useful for geometric and engineering calculations. But throughout the history of calculus, many people have been interested in getting a more accurate value for this constant. Indeed, we could say that it has become a competition in which many want to stand out.

The latest record was achieved by Emma Haruka Iwao, a Google employee, who got the closest approximation recorded up to 2019. His result gave an irrational number with 31.4 billion digits. Emma spent 121 days doing this, helping herself with more than 20 machines and the company’s cloud services.

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A venture that could lead to the development of high-performance computers

Until now, the closest approximation had returned 50 trillion digits, but this time the Swiss scientists far surpassed it. The university noted in the statement that its efforts were “nearly twice as fast as the record Google set using its cloud in 2019 and 3.5 times faster than the previous world record in 2020”.

Curiously, the goal was not just to overcome previous approaches. In reality, these types of complex calculations pursue a ambitious goal which will influence the development of more sophisticated technologies with wide fields of application: high-performance computers.

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An important milestone was reached with the calculation of pi at 62.8 trillion decimal places in hexadecimal notation. The final result is expected in about two weeks. So far, only the last 10 digits of the new calculation record for the constant Pi are known: 7817924264. Meanwhile, the scientists behind the feat are eagerly waiting to be registered in the Guinness Book of Records.