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Sweeteners: Taking them can help with weight and diabetes risk


Sweeteners: Taking them can help with weight and diabetes risk

It is known that many of us prefer take drinks such as tea, coffee and fruit juices with huge amounts of sugar. Suffice it to say that Americans alone consume about 27 kilograms of sugar per year, of which about half comes from sugary drinks. For people at risk of diabetes or with a high weight, this type of drinks are highly dangerous.

In a new meta-analysis, the researchers found that replacing these sugary drinks with drinks with sweeteners can reduce the risk of diabetes and weight. All experts universally agree to avoid sugar completely, but the question we need to ask is: what is the best way to replace it?

Sweeteners, replacing them can help with weight and diabetes risk

There is concern that low calorie sugary drinks have no consolidated benefits, with major dietary guidelines recommending the use of water rather than these drinks to replace sugary drinks. This study can account for a positive outlook for choices of drinks for people with weight problems and diabetes, but there was a long debate on alternative sweeteners and general health. According to a 2019 study it suggested that taking one or two drinks a day is linked to an increase in strokes, heart attacks and premature death in women over the age of 50.

A further study found that so-called diet drinks are further harmful to the heart almost as much as normal ones. This is despite the fact that artificial sweeteners have been deemed safe by regulatory bodies. The recent study did not identify an increase in risk factors, but was unable to explain the long-term impact and identify whether one low-calorie drink was more effective than another. According to experts, the best drink is still water, but it is very difficult not to drink anything else.

Experts advise to reduce to at least once a day until the final elimination of the sugary drink. We aim for one every other day until you can completely eliminate soft drinks. Sparkling water, fruit infusion, and a two-week sugar-free challenge are also recommended to help curb cravings. Over time our taste buds will adapt to natural foods and drinks.

Image by Th G from Pixabay