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Swappie review: our test with an iPhone 13 Pro Max

Swappie review: our test with an iPhone 13 Pro Max

The reconditioned market has been growing rapidly in recent years, especially towards the world Applea brand in great demand in the world, but often unattainable due to prices price list too high. The solution to our problems is provided by Swappiea leading company in the marketing of products refurbishedwith refurbished devices, on sale at slightly reduced figures.

The purchase of the product

Time ago Swappie contacted us to request proof of their service, like a normal customer. Specifically, a discount code to be applied to the site, and then resort to purchasing the desired model. The focus is, as anticipated, aimed at the world Appleand it is possible to range between the entire lineup of the company, from the oldest iPhone 7 Plusup to the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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The availabilities are often limitedbut it is good to know that every day Swappie receives (and refurbishes) stock of devices, for this reason, if interested in purchasing, it is clearly recommended to check daily, until the right moment. All products for sale are refurbished from certified technicians at the headquarters in Finland, with Swappie guarantee free for the following ones 12 months from the purchase (there is also the satisfied or reimbursed clause in the 14 days close to receiving the product).

Given their being refurbishedthe devices are classified in three aesthetic conditions: excellent (very few signs of wear, near mint, with a few non-raised scratches), excellent (there are scratches and dents, including the frame), acceptable (clear signs of wear, they do not compromise operation, with deep scratches both front and rear).

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In addition to this, during the purchase phase, the final price will also affect the battery condition. The previous states are clearly falling in price (excellent is the most expensive to be clear), on some occasions it will be possible to choose between standard battery or new. By standard we mean superior to80%which perfectly complies with the standards set by Apple to avoid the creation of electronic waste, obviously thoroughly tested by Swappie; in case you find the new wordingthe component was refurbished with a battery never used, and is like new.

In our test we selected a iPhone 13 Pro Max from 256GBwith aesthetic condition excellentbattery standard and color Sierra bluefor sale at the price of 1189 euros. The payment it can be done with any credit card, PayPalApple Pay and Scalapay.

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At the time of purchase, you could also choose the service Swappie Care, a certainly appreciable idea that makes many users happy. In short, if anything happens to your smartphone (even because of you), it will be possible contact the service customers and request a Replacement iPhonewith guaranteed delivery in Three days. More precisely, when the replacementa good of the value of an equivalent iPhone, which will be subtracted from the fixed cost. The proprietary product must be made to Swappie, which will provide for the repair and subsequent sale. The whole has additional costsprovides a price monthly ranging from a minimum of 3.90 to a maximum of 9.90 eurosdepending on the value of the device, with the request for a cost of replacement (if needed), which starts from a minimum of 59 euros as far as 139 euros.

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To amortize the expense, we point out the possibility of Barter used, or you could sell yours iPhone to Swappie in exchange for a discount on the purchase. As we do not have a smartphone to return, we have not tried the service, the figures, dependently from the conditions of the same, they vary up to 45 euros for an iPhone 7, up to a maximum of 960 euros for an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Shipping and customer support

Our order was placed on Friday nightprecisely the July 1consequently the shipment was made on Monday next, the July 4, 2022. The processing times are very short, just a few days pass from the moment of payment to the actual shipment.

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The shipment is generally made by courier DHLat a fixed cost of 13.90 euros; perhaps the only negative note, imagining to spend high amounts, we would have preferred a lower price, to request home delivery. In the event that the order value is less than 499 eurosit will be possible to request the shipment via UPS with payment in mark.

During our test we also had the opportunity to test the customer carethe shipment we have chosen, via DHLsuffered a slight delay, and the assistants of Swappie they knew how to come to us immediately to reassure us, with courtesy and professionalism. The contact was very fast, and it is possible to obtain it simply via chat in just a few clicks, with no waiting times. Note that is not provided open all day, the service is active from 10 to 13 and from 15 to 18, on weekdays.

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Our iPhone 13 Pro Max started from Finland (all shipments depart from the central warehouse) on 4th July and it was delivered to us directly on July 6. Really fast times, if you consider that it was delayed by a day due to a problem in the DHL warehouse.

Unboxing and Conditions

The product is delivered in a small rectangular box made to measure smartphone, with Swappie logo on the front. Inside we immediately find the product, with the equipment standard to guarantee the functioning of the same, which corresponds to the lighting cable and the clip for the SIM trolley. A standardized packaging, which turns out to be more elegant and refined than what we tried with our Certideal test. The condition of the box they are excellenteven if it is inserted only in the envelope plastic from DHL, without any protection; considering the value of the products marketed, perhaps more attention would be preferable.

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We now come to talk aboutiPhone 13 Pro Max that we bought, the smartphone shows up exactly in the conditions expressed when purchasing on the site Swappie. The screen, as you can see from the large photographic selection, presents very slight superficial scratches (not embossed) just below the front camera, not visible neither with artificial light, nor with the display turned on. To see them it is really necessary to light it against the light, otherwise they are invisible.

The frame and the rear shell are perfecthave no defects of any kind, except for a very slight circular sign placed around the door lighting, also in this case to look against the light to notice them. Aesthetically, we believe it perfectis really a iPhone 13 Pro Max that could be almost doomed for new, and not refurbished, except for the very small marks on the display.

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Lastly, we looked at it state of the batteryits capacity is 99%therefore practically like New, although on the official website it was indicated Standard (therefore higher than 80%). The display, it goes without saying, it has no defects in terms of burnt pixels or the like. In the coming months we will try the product in depth, publishing one try again to check the tightness of the software, and of the battery itself.

Swappie: conclusions

In conclusion, our test with Swappie was absolutely positive from many points of view, starting with clarity of the information available on the site. Transparency is important, and we appreciate being able to fully understand them conditions of the smartphone that we are going to buy, without nasty surprises. The times of shipment they are very fast, as well as the kindness of the customer assistance. Finally, the conditions of the product are close to perfection, demonstrating that what we read on the site really corresponds to reality.

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The only drawback of the experience? maybe the cost of the shipment, considering the expense incurred for the purchase of the smartphone, we would have preferred not to have to pay 13 euros for home delivery.