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Submerged review: Hidden Depths – exploring a fantasy world

Submerged review: Hidden Depths – exploring a fantasy world

Submerged: Hidden Depths is a game that is very far from the trend of the moment, focused on action and shooting, proposing one calm adventure in an absolutely fantastic world, focusing a lot onexploration. But let’s see it closely with ours review complete.


The whole adventure is set in one city slowly invaded by one climbing plant malevolent, call Mass, and truly poisonous to humans. The only person immune to its effects is Mikuthe young protagonist controlled by us who, thanks to the help of her brother, will embark on a journey with the aim of defeating the invader, transforming it into flowers designed to adorn the game world.

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To do this we will have to explore the entire city in search of 10 seeds, to be combined at a later time to reach our final goal. A plot indeed very simple and anything but original, which takes on a role over time marginal compared to the experience enjoyed by the player, albeit enhanced by beautiful cutscenes that break up the journey, enriching it with new details.


In our test on PS5 we were pleasantly struck by the scenarios and the visual impact that the guys at Uppercut Games were actually able to create, with the awareness of the limited funds available. The scenarios alone are worth the price of the game, they are enchanting views of an ideal world, but beautiful to see, full of bright colors, fascinating creatures and enchanting details.

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There Artistic direction it does not disappoint the (high) expectations we had in the presentation phase, careful choices and a very quiet road, but absolutely well told, which pushes on a very topical issue: the ruin of the world by the hand of man. The texture they are not always of a high level, like the details and the sharpness, the smudges are noticeable, it is true, but the whole created can only be admirable.

There soundtrack is the icing on the cake, a mix of songs perfectly in rhythm with the adventure, definitely able to enhance it, following every single moment without problems.

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Gameplay and Game Mechanics

Identifying a specific category for Submerged: Hidden Depths is really very difficult, precisely because it falls outside the canons we are seeing in the last period. We can only say that the fulcrum of the whole experience is represented byexplorationthe two characters move far and wide in the game area, aboard the trusty boat, going to discover the various ruins that swarm the map (be careful, however, everything will be literally submerged), in search of golden seeds or equally rare objects.

The level of challenge it is absolutely ai minimumthe experience is almost relaxingand suitable to accompany the player on a journey, not to challenge him (as in Elden Ring, so to speak). To vary as much as possible, the developers have also included some little puzzlesjust as simple and basic, which do not oblige one to reasoning that is actually too complex.

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The gameplay it is pleasant, well made and clearly suitable for all types of users. Some explorations will also be carried out on the mainland, and here we will also be able to put a hand to a very limited parkourwhich is very distantly reminiscent of the adventures of Nathan Drake, funny, but in which we can never go wrongsince it is impossible to die. Collectables are present, they push the player to explore the areas as much as possible, finding animals, objects and documents, also guaranteeing a some replay value perfect for completists, which aims to extend the longevityotherwise quite small.

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Submerged: Hidden Depths – conclusions

In conclusion Submerged: Hidden Depths fully convinces users who are looking for an experience relaxingwith an almost zero level of challenge, through which to explore an ideal world, in which the hand of man has only done damage, in an attempt to purify the areas, and free them from the play of a malevolent creeper. Graphically it is greatwith many (small) defects, compensated by the overview offered by the developers.

On the other side of the coin, we find perhaps a game system too simplifiedeven the small moments of parkour could be made more captivating, for example by allowing the player to die, while the puzzle they are excessively similar to each other.

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Submerged: Hidden Depths

29 euros



7.0 / 10


8.0 / 10


8.0 / 10


7.0 / 10


8.0 / 10



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