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Submelius, the virus that could infect you if you stream movies with Google Chrome

Submelius, the virus that could infect you if you stream movies with Google Chrome

Over the last few weeks a new type of malware has been depopulating in Italy that directly affects those who usually entertain themselves online with the vision of cinema screenings in streaming via Google Chrome browser.

This is a new threat brought to our attention by the investigation companies belonging to the IT Security branch which in recent months have revealed a figure of 32% on infections transmitted through web streaming services in Italy.

ESET Security researchers have identified in Submelius a malware with unexpected potential, the source of the work carried out by the homonymous cybercriminal company which has concentrated its efforts in spreading an infectious tool through Chrome, which not surprisingly represents the platform today. most used software in the world for Internet browsing.

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Wanting to go into detail, it turns out that Submelius has as its main objective the sites that transmit streaming video content on the web such as movies, TV series and animated content. When the user is about to view the content, the classic pop-up appears on the screen announcing the detection of a virus or the possibility of obtaining high profits through the internet.

The browser at that point does not redirect the user to another ad page but to a website that requires further access to another platform. A maneuver that ultimately leads to the click on the Accept button that paves the way for the actual infection that takes place with the installation of an ad hoc browser extension. As highlighted by ESET’s cybersecurity experts:

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“If the user has been affected by Submelius and has installed one of the malicious Chrome extensions on the browser, they will have to remove it as soon as possible by typing“ chrome: // extensions ”in the browser bar and deleting the suspicious extensions. It is also necessary to analyze the infected computer or device using a reliable security solution, to exclude the possibility of downloading any other type of threat “

Also according to ESET exponents, one of the other most widespread malware in the Bel Paese is represented by ScriptAttachment which to date has reached 6% of infections thanks to a fake email attachment that once opened proceeds to install a myriad of variants different types of the same malware.

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You are used to popular streaming sites that you visit through the Google Chrome browser? Have you contracted the infection? Let us share your experience by leaving your personal comment on it.