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Strengthens PC skills in chemical emergencies


Strengthens PC skills in chemical emergencies

Tamaulipas / No. Laredo / By: Staff NotiGape

Published: June 24, 2022 | 14:59

Elements of the Directorate of Civil Protection and Firefighters (DPCyB) received training in attention to chemical spills, so that the emergency team personnel are prepared to identify dangerous materials.

Based on the chemical emergency response guide, they learned how to deal with a spill or fire; They received theory at work tables and also did practical exercises.

Humberto Fernández Diez de Pinos, Director of the PCyB, announced that the constant preparation of the elements makes the difference in the attention and immediate response times.

“This course is held with the purpose of continuing to prepare and update ourselves on issues as important as chemical emergencies, it is an instruction from Mayor Carmen Lilia Canturosas that we are constantly prepared and trained to serve the population,” said the official.

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Commanders and station chiefs were trained, who will then pass on the knowledge to all firefighters, paramedics, and PCyB operational personnel.

The instructors, belonging to the DPCyB Carlos Andrés Martel Gaitán and José Abraham Maldonado Medina, were in charge of teaching this course for two days in shifts of 4 hours.