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Spotify may recommend songs based on our voice in the future

Spotify may recommend songs based on our voice in the future

The powerful algorithm of Spotify makes finding your favorite music a breeze. What if the service could recommend music based on our voice? This is the idea proposed in a patent recently granted to Spotify, which outlines the potential uses of this type of technology. The patent details a concept for the use of audio signals – our voice, the background sounds and even the accent – to discover the songs that best suit us.

Recognize a user based on sounds

One factor that could inform the streaming service of what to play it could be our emotional state, while others may attempt to determine our gender and how old we are. Explaining its collection of environmental audio data, the authors of the patent describe how it could be used to identify where we are – inside, outside, on the train, at a party etc. – and potentially how many people we’re sharing the space with.

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“In one example, the environmental metadata indicates a number of people in the environment into which the audio signal is being fed. In another example, environmental metadata could indicate a location or noise level, ”explains the patent.

Sure, it’s creepy, but similar technologies already exist and have been around for years now. However, it is an interesting application for a service that competes directly with giants such as Apple And Amazon, both equipped with their respective music services. Of course Spotify is trying to suck up as much data as possible. We don’t have a confirmation that the technology will really go through, but among the hundreds of patents that Spotify files some of these may take shape in the future.

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Image by MH from Pixabay