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SpaceX, a new mysterious mission in November

SpaceX, a new mysterious mission in November

Information from federal documents reveals a launch SpaceX scheduled for November 10 with a load not known at the moment. Maximum confidentiality on the part of the company headed by Elon Musk, curious that someone like him – known for strong statements – has kept everyone in the dark.

No announcements, no details about the cargo, code name Zumano comments from governments or commercial institutions.

SpaceX maintains complete confidentiality, even in the face of reporters’ questions, to reveal the company’s plans is a document presented to the Federal Communication Commission. Among the few known data, there is the use of a rocket Falcon 9which will start from the 39A platform of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

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The first rumors about it were leaked during the weekend, now the documented confirmation arrives and the doubts have been cleared away. Two files regarding next month’s mission, one concerns the launch of the Falcon 9, the other the return of the first stage booster, which is expected to land in Cape Canaveral Landing Zone 1 soon, and then be reused. The use of reusable rockets is one of the distinctive features of the company.

We do not know anything about the owner of Zuma, it could be a commercial or government entity, not to be excluded that there is a communications satellite at stake. SpaceX is developing its own satellites to create one global internet networkbut the two test launches are not expected before 2018.

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A take-off that will take place 12 days after the one that will bring the satellite into orbit Koreasat 5A, in the last few hours more details have emerged on Reddit. According to the rumors bounced online (obviously, all to be verified), it would be a load to be sent into orbit with a certain urgency. The possible involvement of government agencies has been denied, but we keep in mind that on Reddit it is possible to say everything and the opposite of everything. In the coming days we will know more.