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Sony will also bring The Last of Us to PC

Sony will also bring The Last of Us to PC

After the success of God of Wars in its version for PC, Sony continues to release great titles exclusive to its consoles for PC. The last announcement was the Spider-Man sagathat we can see the first of its installments, Spider-Man Remastered, starting on August 12. The next title coming to PC is another hit from Sony, The Last of US part one, which will see the light at some point without a specific date. The announcement has been leaked from Sony’s own website from which it has already been removed, but which continues on YouTube.

The Last of Us part one It will be released first for PlayStation 5 consoles which will be available the next day september 2. In the same ad it has been possible to see this leak, indicating only that is also being developed for PC without even an approximate date. The developer is Naughty Dog, which has also brought us Crash Bandicoot for PC.

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If improvements have been discussed you will get the version for the latest Sony console. will be a full overhaul from the original true to the game, but with improved controls, modernized gameplay, and expanded accessibility options. It also says that they will include exploration and combat improvements. As we have seen in the quality of other Sony games ported to PC, we expect a lot from this port, it is even possible that it includes technologies such as AMD FSR or NVIDIA DLSS that we have already seen in other Sony titles brought to PC.