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Sony, the new wireless headphones cancel out the noise


Sony, the new wireless headphones cancel out the noise

TO THEFA 2017 Sony goes wild and, even before announcing its top of the range at the Berlin fair, shows off its masterpieces in terms of earphones. Sony’s new wireless headphones, WI-1000X, cost $ 300. Why such a high cost? First, they are among the few wireless models with active noise cancellationbut also complete several other features, including the optimization of the air pressure that allows to optimize the performance of the noise and its cancellation on the airplanes.

Designed to compete with the earphones still on the market, these wireless headphones have something that others do not have: the ability to use a cable and a battery life of approximately 14 hours in wired noise canceling mode and up to 10 hours in mode. wireless.

The headphones essentially have the same features found on WH-1000XM2 (used by wearing them around the ear) and linked to the specific application to access advanced options for noise cancellation and the ability to customize your own sound. Sony explains that a hybrid drive that combines frame balance and a 9mm driver delivers maximum audio quality along with a host of other sound and high-resolution audio features, LDAC, DSEE HX and S-Master HX.

I had a short experience testing a press demo directly at the booth and thought the sound was really very good, but it’s worth noting that they have a small flaw. they can perhaps be a bit heavy if worn on the neck while not in use. While they look pretty sturdy, you will find that when you are using them, it probably isn’t in their favor. But trust me, the sound is really great.