Sony Really Needs to Stop Teasing Crash Bandicoot’s Return

Don’t you dare wink at us.

Look at that cake. Look at that damn thing. Celebrating PlayStation’s 20th anniversary in Europe, Sonys had the yummy desert set up to celebrate, but did Crash Bandicoot really have to sit on top of edible consoles?

The original orange PlayStation mascot is now owned by Activision, but that hasn’t stopped Sony’s PR team from slapping him in various social media stunts without a care in the world for our poor feelings.

And obviously we are not alone. A constant request from fans around the world, those who remember Naughty Dogs PSone platformers would want nothing more than to see Crash return to the PlayStation nation – ****, even during Shuhei Yoshida’s 2015 EGX panel a few days ago. days, an audience member asked about the marsupial coming home, which, of course, elicited a hopeful response from the rest of the crowd.

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With everyone’s desperation in mind, you’d think Sony would at least stop mentioning video game favorite bandicoot, especially since he always says he has no plans to buy him back, but here we are, with Crash sitting comfortably on top of a big cake. . Our hearts can’t take much more of this.