Sonic Movie fares better than Detective Pikachu

After all the hassle around the blue hedgehog design, the Sonic movie finally hit theaters last week. The opening weekend was a success: the Sonic movie did better in the first weekend than Detective Pikachu, according to Mojo Box Office.

According to Box Office Mojo, a movie revenue tracking company, Sonic The Hedgehog rallied in $ 57 million at the US box office last weekend. That’s $ 2.8 million more than Detective Pikachu managed to bring in last year. Outside the United States, the film has also performed well. Sonic raised $ 43 million there.Sonic Movie fares better than Detective Pikachu

The amount is an estimate by Box Office Mojo. The official amount could possibly be even higher. Which movie do you like better Sonic or Detective Pikachu?

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