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Solar System: Could there be moons made of gas in the Universe?

Solar System: Could there be moons made of gas in the Universe?

THE planets in our Solar System they mainly have two forms: some are rocky and others they are gaseous. However, currently all the moons known to us are rocky in shape, even those that orbit the gas giants. The question that arises is: can there be moons made of gas in our Universe? There are some plausible reasons that no nearby moon is gaseous.

At the moment no expert has found this type of moon in our solar system, but they could exist under the right conditions. All this could depend on the mass of the moon, on its own surrounding temperature and by the influence of tidal forces, that is by the gravitational attraction of a nearby bodylike its host planet.

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Universe, it is possible to find a gas moon in our Solar System

To understand what happens we must think that our rocky moon is being replaced by pure hydrogen. Hydrogen gas is much less dense than rock so that the moon would become the same size as the Earth. Indeed, the enormous size of gas giants like Jupiter is one of the reasons they can exist. If they were too small, gravity wouldn’t be powerful enough to hold those bright elements together. However size is not the only factor at play; there is also the temperature.

If our imaginary gas moon was the size of the Earth and the surrounding temperature was very cold, its host planet would probably tear it apart anyway. We must remember that the Earth’s moon is subject to the tidal forces of the Earth, due to its non-spherical shape. It’s a little bit mined, but it doesn’t flake off because it has some material strength associated with it. This cannot be for the hypothetical moon; because it is a gas and not a solid, even if it is very cold, if it orbits something else, it will be stripped by the tides and torn apart by the tides.

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How then could there be a gas moon? The moon-planet system should be very distant and cold, or very large. If it is the size of our moon anywhere in our solar system, it could never work well. If, on the other hand, we think of it outside the interstellar space then could exist and be extremely stable.

Image by Lars_Nissen from Pixabay