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Solar energy: the first Squad microcar is officially on the market

Solar energy: the first Squad microcar is officially on the market

The Dutch startup Squadmobility was launched in 2019 and its main focus was on offering to the automotive market a solarized electric microcar that people can easily afford, more than any other car. At the time the company was only promises and words, but after a few years, the promised city car e will be officially launched.

The car has evolved considerably, while maintaining Squad’s goal of offering a city car small, simple and economical with solar-powered electric drive. The design is also renewed with a more upright position, optional ports and more definition throughout. The frame was resized with an increase in doors all around. The contrasting corner arches are located above the wheels, and the front wheels are equipped with independent fenders under the arches.

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Solar energy, the electric microcar has finally arrived

The inside of the machine is simplebut functional, it is able to carry two people well through three-point seat belts. In addition there are two cup holders, where in one there is a portable bluetooth speaker. The Squad car has 68 liters of stowage space behind the seats, which expand to 243 liters with the passenger seat folded down. Plans call for it to be approved in the category of light electric quadricycles L6e in Europe and the design includes front and rear crash structures. Doors can be added as an option at the time of purchase or later.

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The Squad’s two 2 kW in-wheel rear motors take it to a top speed of 45 km / h. Lithium-ion batteries deliver an autonomy of up to 100 km and the suitcase-style portable battery design aims for easy replacement for longer range. Squad is an affordable solution for most consumers with a retail price starting from € 6250, through a monthly fee or subscription. There will be no parking fees in most cities, no road tax and no congestion charge. It is extremely energy efficient with lower energy consumption than public transport per person per kilometer.

With a length of only 2 meters, the Squad can be parked very efficiently across an average parking lot, with the tires against the curb. The Squad is stable thanks to its width and low center of gravity, even in rain and snow, on tram tracks and curbs. Thanks to the high command position, there is good visibility over and from other traffic. Solar energy is not only free for the user but also for the community because Squad does not need a special charging infrastructure, it can charge the normal power grid.

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The pre-order price has only increased slightly from its starting price of € 5,750 in 2019 and is now still very affordable € 6,250 before tax for the simpler layout and € 9,300 for the full version. Refundable booking fees vary between € 50 and € 5,000. Squad offers no down payment pre-orders for interested buyers outside of Europe, but has not yet decided which global markets it will expand into.

Ph. Credit: Squadmobility