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So you can use iPhone gestures on your Xiaomi

So you can use iPhone gestures on your Xiaomi

For years, users have compared Xiaomi terminals a lot with Apple devices. Not in vain, the Asian giant has received the pseudonym “The apple of China”.

Of course, in terms of specifications there are notable differences, but in terms of their design, both internal and external, they come to resemble each other a lot. Actually, Your Xiaomi allows you to use gestures as if it were an iPhone.

So you can use iPhone gestures on your Xiaomi

MIUI is a customization layer full of interesting tricks. Among these we can find one that allows you to use gestures to move around on your Xiaomi, as if it were an iPhone. If you want to change the typical navigation buttons, follow these steps:

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In this way, the system of your Xiaomi will work with gestures, in the same way that an iPhone would. You can head to the home screen by simply swiping up from the bottom. You can also open the multitasking manager, Backtrack, open menus in multiple apps, and switch between apps.

Complementary Options

Of course, to make your Xiaomi look even more like an iPhone, it is recommended to use two complementary options for gesture navigation. These are: ‘Double Verification Gestures’ and ‘Go back to the previous app’, which will allow you to enjoy a much more complete experience.

The first switch is for the user. don’t accidentally quit an app. So if you’re playing games or watching videos in full screen, you’ll need to perform the gesture twice for it to work.

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On the other hand, the second switch allows the user to return to the previous application. Note that there is no longer a back button, so this gesture replaces that button’s function. Just swipe from the edge of the screen and hold for a second to interact.

Do you prefer to use gestures or are you more of buttons Tell us which feature you like the most through our general chat in telegram Remember also that you can follow us on social networks to receive more interesting MIUI tricks.