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So you can know if your Android mobile is being spied on

So you can know if your Android mobile is being spied on


You may not believe it, but anyone is susceptible to surveillance in these troubled times.

We usually use our mobile devices lightly, especially in the aspect of privacy and security. We have heard of virus software that spy on us AND spam, but we tend to believe that this only happens to others. From Urban Tecno we have already told you stories that have to do with the security of users, such as the one in which we talked about the possible espionage by China to tourists who arrive in their country or the one that presented the Trojan Hermit that infected through text messages. If you are concerned about security, let us give you the keys to control if you are being watched or guarded.

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Find the signs of uncontrolled access and protect your Android device from third parties

You think you have all the necessary security measures, but you are not convinced that there is someone watching from the other side of the terminal. The tips for you, who want to be sure of the privacy of your smartphone, are varied and we present them below. In the first place, since we normally talk about third-party applications that are installed on your terminal without you realizing it, we advise you to take a deep look at all the applications installed on your device, in case you detect any of them that are suspicious and that you do not know. you remember installing it yourself. If you are convinced of it, remove it immediately.

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Find out how to protect yourself from the undesirables who want to access your phone

The low performance of the terminal, both in terms of fluidity and difficulty in opening and closing apps, is another symptom that some part of the system is not working as it should and this may be due to external access or a virus installed on your phone. The solution in this case is simple enough and just follow these steps to remove any trace of virus from the system. The third battery can also give us a clue that something is wrong, in case they download faster than usual. Use a good antivirus and stay calm. If this does not work, do not rule out that you need to update the operating system and thus improve the overall performance of the smartphone.

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If you start to notice that some applications are closing for no apparent reason, in fourth place, an infection of the phone could also be suspected. Also in fifth position, we would highlight that checking with the mobile Internet provider if they have increased the use of data in the terminal, since this is a good scale to measure if someone is accessing the content within the mobile. If none of these situations happen to you, you can remain calm or calm, since it does not seem that your phone is at risk. Remember to use a good antivirus AND Don’t trust your security to strange messages or False Advertising.

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