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So you can install apps that are not in the store on the iPhone | Technology

So you can install apps that are not in the store on the iPhone | Technology

The only way to install something on an iPhone outside official channels such as the Apple App Store is by jailbreaking the phone, something that all experts in these terminals believe should not be done. Yes, there is a way to install apps that are outside the official store on your iPhone. Do you want to know how

To obtain applications that are not in the official apple store, we must resort to another external one called Alternative Store.

It is a very simple and safe way to download applications for our iPhone or iPad. It does not use, as has happened with other examples, Apple’s enterprise certificates, something in which the company has taken measures and has not consented at any time to continue doing.

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The system that AltStore has is to be able to install up to three free applications from an Apple ID, a function that the company itself presented and that now uses this software to work.

It is clear that, using this system, everything that this store offers will be free of dangers, since it incorporates an official way of carrying out the task of installing applications.

Install non-store apps on iPhone:

This is how AltStore works

The first thing we need to run the hack is an Apple ID and password, although it allows us to create a disposable account if we do not want to give our reliable data.

From the developers they explain that this data never leaves your system nor is it shared with third parties, but is sent directly to Apple for authentication and secure storage in the keychain of your device for instant recovery when necessary.

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In any case, as we have already told you, if someone does not feel comfortable, they can always opt for the disposable account they offer and for which no data will be given that we usually use with Apple.

When AltStore opens we must log in with the Apple ID we want and then accept the certificate that the software itself sends us, so everything we install with it will work perfectly for seven days.

But this restriction that Apple has imposed should not worry you, because as the watch approaches the end of the seven-day period, AltStore will update the signing key in the app so that you can get an additional seven days of use. This can be run in the background.

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For AltStore to work properly, we need to have AltServer running on a computer with the same network (which we can download from the program’s website). In addition, on that same device we must also have iTunes and iCloud.

AltServer is required due to Apple’s restrictions on free developer accounts. This means that apps cannot be installed locally, however they can be installed via iTunes WiFi sync.

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How do we install AltStore

You should know that we need a computer, either Windows or Mac, to be able to install AltStore on the iPhone. You also need to download itunes and iCloud but not from the Microsoft Store.

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So what you have to do is download AltServer for your computer, Windows or Mac, something that you can do from the website of the program itself.

From there we perform the following steps:

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Use AltStore

AltStore is a fairly simple application through which we can install applications such as the Delta simulator or the advanced clipboard management app called Clip. But the best thing is that we can install IPA files online.

To install applications, the first thing we must be very clear about is that we are on the same WiFi network as the computer where AltServer is running.

Something that we must also take into account is that, although we do not need to install any app, it is good to run AltStore from time to time to make sure that it is in the background and that it is working, so that if an application needs to be updated it can be done No problem.

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If you decide to use Delta associated with AltStore, it might be a good idea to opt for one of the paid versions of the app, as that will allow you to add third-party sources to AltServer, by searching for them on Google or Reddit, and then adding them on the iPhone.

This is the way we have right now to install apps that are not in the official iPhone store. The path is quite simple to perform and the requirements are also easy to meet.

The only inconvenience that could be put on it is the fact of always having to be next to the computer where we have the server installed, since we depend on the same network that it uses.

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For the rest, it is a simple system to use and extremely reliable, especially since we have to worry about whether the seven days that Apple marks for online apps outside the system are fulfilled.

The truth is that, for all this type of software, those from Cupertino have made it a bit difficult, but from AltStore everything is highly automated and the user will not notice any kind of difficulty.