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So you can find your Android phone even if it is turned off

So you can find your Android phone even if it is turned off

Cell phones have become everyday tools, whether for work or simply for entertainment, they have become part of our day to day life, so if we lose it it becomes a problem, especially if it is turned off.

Although sometimes we have it with the naked eye, in others it is a more complex task, but not impossible to solve. In Android there are some tips to find it in almost any situation, these tricks may vary depending on the device model.

How to locate a turned off Android mobile

Devices with the Android operating system incorporate by default the tool called Find my phone, which offers us the possibility of locating it while it is on, offering a more exact precision. In case the phone is turned off, we must follow the following steps:

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In the event that the smartphone is disconnected, we must request help from Google Maps, being in the same place a button will appear (below the last connection of the device). Although it will not tell us the exact point where it is, it will give us clues about the last connection it had before it was turned off.

With this information, in most cases, we will be able to know if the device was left in our house, in the house of a friend or relative, in the car or in some known space by mistake. And if it’s still on, we can make it sound to locate it more easily and recover it with us.

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