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So you can create a Microsoft Word document with your voice

So you can create a Microsoft Word document with your voice

In general, most people who edit documents with Microsoft Word take a lot of time, especially if they are writing from a smartphone and have many paragraphs. Fortunately, there is a secret trick that allows you to create a Word document very quickly with your cell phone, as well as start writing everything you want, and the best thing is that you do not need a keyboard, only your voice is used. If any reader is interested in knowing how, Infobae brings a complete guide in this article.

Unlike other hacks that are going viral on social networks, this time it is not necessary to install unknown Apps on a smartphone, which can be Android or iPhone. The only requirement is that you are connected to the Internet either through a Wi-Fi network or through the data plan.

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The Google Docs app installed by default on all Android devices (except Huawei) will also be required. If you have an iPhone, you have to download this official program by searching for it in the app store. Once opened, you just have to follow a few simple steps.

How to create a Word document from a cell phone and using the voice

1. Enter the Google Document application (Documents) that comes pre-installed on the Android phone and press the ‘+’ key located at the bottom of the screen.

2. Three options ‘Choose template’, ‘new word file’ and ‘New document file’ will be displayed. You can choose the second or the third.

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3. A blank document will appear, press the pencil icon to start typing.

4. Google Doc will activate the smartphone keyboard, but instead of typing in the traditional way, you need to press the microphone button.

5. Hold it down and dictate the first paragraph of the text you want to type.

6. The application will recognize the user’s voice and compose the text in seconds.

That is all. It should be noted that for best results they should be dictated loud and clear, preferably using a headset with a microphone so that no background noise interferes.

Once done, simply save the document to the cloud so it can be opened on any device.

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Step by step in Microsoft Word to avoid losing a document if the program is closed

Sometimes unexpected crashes or errors occur in Microsoft Word. However, the program provides a number of settings that can be customized to significantly minimize the problem.

By making a few changes in the Office applications, users will be able to avoid losing the documents they are working on again. These are the steps to avoid losing the information:

– First of all, you need to run the program in the usual way.

– Then go to the settings page that Office has to customize the behavior of the text editor. This is achieved simply by going to the file menu, file of the main interface of Word and selecting the input options that will be seen on the screen.

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– In the left pane of the window, enter Save.

– The first thing to change is the auto save time. In this way, if there is a sudden error with the computer or with that program, the data will not be lost because the file was recently recorded.

– But that’s not all, but at the same time you can specify a disk path to save backup files.

This will allow you to locate the corresponding temporary files immediately in case something goes wrong on your PC or Word suddenly closes.


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