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Signs that the wolf among us rumors are fairy tales

Signs that the wolf among us rumors are fairy tales

The good old gaming media, you’ve just gone and done it again. We resist the urge to write a report on recent The Wolf Among Us rumours, where the voice actor who played Bigby Wolf in the popular comic book adaptation retweeted a tease about upcoming Telltale announcements. To be honest, even though we saw the goofy stories, we didn’t think we needed to point out that Adam Harrington has starred in pretty much every single game from the studio. Apparently we did.

It’s the company’s head of communications, Job Stauffer, who has been forced to go out and do the work of gaming reporters for them: “I worry that people are getting their hopes up in the wrong direction,” he said. “Adam also sings Groot in our Guardians of the Galaxy.”

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Stauffer then clearly felt the need to clarify that he’s unlikely to see any additional seasons of The Wolf Among Us or Tales from the Borderlands – at least not anytime soon. We would kill to return to that world one day and we know our fans would too. Your voices and your passion will never go unnoticed.”

So what San Diego Comic-Con announcements does the studio have planned? Well, the most logical conclusion here would belong to Guardians of the Galaxy, but there is a credible rumor doing the rounds regarding a second season of Batman subtitled The Enemy Within, which appears to have leaked in New Zealand. We liked the studio’s twisted take on Gotham City, so we’d definitely be willing to go with that – let’s wait and see, okay?

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