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Serious infections in the UK: the risks of some religious practices

Serious infections in the UK: the risks of some religious practices

The practice ofself flagellationvery ritual widespread in some cultures e religionsas well as being due to evident and often very serious wounds is responsible of the diffusion of ainfection quite serious. Researchers initially were perplexed that 10 men British had been infected from a virus unusualbecause they argued not to have never adopted any conduct Usually attributable to infection.

A very risky practice

But following more thorough investigations, the investigators they learned they had participated in bloody rites religious of self flagellation (in particular whipping) in Iraq, Pakistan, India And UK. “There is definitely the risk to spread infections through them practicesbut they are not never been registered cases clinicians first, ”said la Divya DhasmanaofSt. Mary’s Hospital in London.

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These men were infected from the virus of type 1 leukemia (HTLV-1): the majority of people infected from the virus does not show symptomsbut some develop illnesses terriblehow cancer blood or debilitating conditions nervous system. L’HTLV-1 spreads through the ***the transfusion of blood and the sharing needles. Experts have valued that about 10 million people in the world they are infectedeven if it is considered relatively rare in the US and UK.

A real stroke of luck

Nobody of the men in the study showed symptoms and the diagnosis it was a real hit fortune. They drew theAttention of the researchers of St. Mary’s Hospital when you are introduce yourself for actual withdrawals for the donation blood e collection of samples for the fertilization in vitro, procedures not exactly on the agenda. The mystery was fixed when Dhasmana he noted scars on the back of one of the patientswhich then has revealed that all 10 men had participated to self-flagellation religious.

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When performed these rites, according to some testimonials the blades came immersed in a bucket containing a solution antiseptic counter, with the idea of ​​”disinfect them“, but this is inadequate to prevent the diffusion of HTLV-1 “, claims the dr Dhasmana. Evidently in order to do not harm freedom religious of these peoplethe doctor has specified: “our message it is not ‘do not do it’but if you have tonot share the equipment “.