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SeaSonic shows us the source that our future PCs will carry

SeaSonic shows us the source that our future PCs will carry

The appearance of the new PCI Express power port has caused a revolution within the world of manufacturers of power supplies and those of PC cases. This without forgetting those in charge of creating refrigeration systems. And it is that adding a port that can add an additional 600 W of power to the GPU has its crumb, but both the SeaSonic Prime TX-1600 and TX-1300 of the same brand go further, since they bring with them a double surprise.

The ATX 3.0 specification standard includes PCI Express 5.0 and its new 12+4 pin power connector or also known as 12VHPWR. Which can provide up to 600 W of power, but this does not mean that a connector of this type in a power supply of that amount of watts. We also have to take into account that they can give 150 W, 300 W and 450 W. What happens is that the two lowest values ​​are provided by one and two 8-pin connectors. However, many power supplies, and especially 1000W ones, are too underpowered for what we are dealing with. And it is that in some sources if we do calculations we will realize that the 12VHPWR connector does not have the maximum power.

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SeaSonic Prime TX-1600 and TX-1300, sources with dual PCI Gen 5 connector

This is the case of the new SeaSonic TX-1600 and TX-1300 power supplies, we find a double 12+4-pin connector, but powers of 1600 W and 1300 W respectively and they have the most advanced classic systems against overvoltages and short circuits. Apart from both, it meets the 80 Plus Titanium efficiency; However still unknown level and efficiency, according to Cybenetics tests.

As a curiosity, the Prime TX-1600 provides 1600 W with voltages of 114 and 230 volts, in other conditions the power it provides is 1300 W. Actually, both power supplies are identical in aesthetics, connectors and dimensions. As you may have guessed, 1300 W of power is already consumed by the double 12+4 pin connector, which is not to say that the power delivered through the two connectors is not all the power, since it would barely leave 100 W or less for the rest of components.

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And here we enter one of the biggest unknowns, the manufacturers of the different components of the PC have to work side by side with the specifications of the ATX 3.0 standard and make sure that the graphics cards that we will see in the future receive enough power. like the rest of the components. Rumors speak of NVIDIA and AMD models, in future high-end graphics cards, which may not exceed 450W and very advanced models with dual connectors. In any case, it’s too early to tell, but we don’t think power supply manufacturers are unaware of the needs of new hardware. And even more so when they offer such long performance guarantees, as in this case, which is 12 years.