Scythe complements its newly introduced heatsinks with a new model

Its dissipation system is based on six copper heatpipes that transmit heat from its chrome base to the aluminum fin block, which is in turn cooled by a 140mm fan from the company itself, capable of operating in a range speeds from 500 to 1,300 RPM adjustable by PWM. The air flow that it is capable of generating is close to 100 CFM, specifically 97.18 Cubic Feet per minute. All this with a sound level of 30 dBa.

The Scythe Ashura complements the two new models presented just 5 days ago by the company. It is compatible with all current Intel and AMD sockets such as LGA2011, LGA1155 or LGA775 among others, and AMD AM2, AM3 and FM1 and FM2. It is already available for a recommended price of about 45 Euros to change.

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