Say goodbye to Fortnite if you update your iPhone to iOS 14


The arrival of a new version of the operating system usually brings good news to users. In the case of iOS 14, you can expect more security, new configuration options and an animated home screen, but if you are a fan of Fortnite, we will have to say goodbye.

“Fortnite players on iOS who update to iOS 14 could lose access to Fortnite. If the message “Temporarily remove apps to install software updates” appears it could result in Fortnite being deleted. Fortnite cannot be installed again later thanks to apple preventing users from doing so,” Epic Games explained via Twitter.

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The only option to avoid losing the game is not to update, but this is not highly recommended because not only will you not have access to new tools, but there is also a higher risk of bugs or security problems.

A solution for this problem is already being handled on the Internet. The ad to temporarily remove apps for the OS update only appears for users with low storage space like apple automatically calculate how much memory you need for the update and remove the apps for a moment and then reinstall them but, as Fortnite no longer has access to the store, it will simply be removed.

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Therefore, users are advised to delete all the content they don’t need, such as apps they don’t use, as well as images and videos with the intention of not liking the message.

It should be remembered that you can always choose to play by other means. Fortnite is available for all current consoles like Xbox One, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, as well as PC through the Epic Store. You can also have it on Android because, although it is not yet in the Play Store, this system, unlike Apple, allows you to download third-party software.

And, although now you manage to keep the video game on your iPhone, consider that, due to all this problem, you will not be able to access the new season of Fortnite on your iPhone or iPad, that is, you will not be able to discover the new content that the company is preparing for the players. This is because, as it no longer exists in the App Store, there is no option to update.

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If you expected Epic to give its arm to twist, bad news, so far the company’s position has been so firm that it has even updated its FAQ section to make it clear that the new season of Fortnite will not be available for iPhone users , iPad or Mac. That is, the v14.00 update incorporating Chapter 2 Season 4 will not be available on iOS or macOS.

why fight

If someone wants to have your application in the Google Play Store or in the App Store, you must pay the stores a 30% commission for each sale you make, either for the download or for any purchase made within the application, for which In addition, they can only use the same platform payment systems.

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Epic had already spoken out against these rules, which it considers unfair, and decided to release an update that allowed users to pay directly to the company for their in-game purchases, that is, without having to use the Apple and Google payment systems. He even offered them discounts and benefits.

The tech giants didn’t like the action and both downplayed their stores. Apple even removed Epic from its list of developers who, in turn, filed a court order with the intention that the court decide to return the title to the app store and restore its developer account.

The sayings have reached such a degree that Apple has accused Epic Games of manufacturing all the controversy as a marketing strategy aimed at maintaining the popularity of the game.

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Much remains to be seen of this fight between the companies.