Samsung’s next foldable smartphone will be the Galaxy Z Flip

There has been much talk about the Samsung Galaxy Fold, a terminal that had many problems at the beginning of its production, but that finally reached the market and had its share of success, but as expected, Samsung is not going to be left alone with that model, so it is already working on who would be his successor Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

With a design that reminds us of the Morrola RAZR, this terminal would arrive with a more conservative design that, although it would have a flexible screen instead of a physical keyboard, it would have a smaller size and a more traditional form factor than the groundbreaking concept we have so far with the Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X, where when displaying the terminal we have a small Tablet.

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According to the leaked specifications, the Samsung Galaxy ZFlip It will have a Snapdragon 855 processor inside, accompanied by a screenthere FullHD + of 6.7 inches unfolded and about 3 inches once the terminal is folded.

As for the cameras, we would be talking about two 12MP rear cameras each, while the front camera would be in a folding screen hole with a resolution of 10 MP. No type of 5G connectivity is specified, but it is specified that in the box we will find a 15W fast charger, all according to the leaks that we can see today.