Samsung, the remote controls of the next televisions will be solar-powered

The televisions they are fundamental technological devices to have in the home, to pass the time, get information by following the news and much more. It is no coincidence that in practically all homes we find at least one. There are numerous companies that have been operating in this sector for decades, always seeking improvements in terms of design, reproduced image quality and audio quality.
In addition to a number of new TVs, Samsung also announced a greener remote control at the recent CES 2021. The solar cell remote control it can be powered by both internal and external light, or simply by normal USB if the first two are not enough.

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The new remote control from Samsung

According to Samsung, the remote itself is also quite environmentally friendly, as 24% of its 31 grams of plastic is made from “recycled polyethylene terephthalate”. The company says the solar-powered remote will help “prevent waste from the expected 99 million AAA batteries over seven years.” Sure, you could help mitigate this by using rechargeable batteries in the first place, but a solar-powered remote control would at least reduce your reliance on them. Samsung said it is also taking steps to increase eco-friendly packaging in 2021. So this year, all of the Korean company’s new televisions it sells will have this innovative inside. solar-powered remote control.

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This therefore calls for greater attention to be paid to the problem of climate change, with all companies trying, in one way or another, to try to reduce pollution.