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Samsung launches Gear S2 Classic with eSim support

Samsung launches Gear S2 Classic with eSim support

Samsung will soon introduce a new wearable with exclusive features designed for the optimization of mobile communications in support of third generation networks on eSim modules. We are talking about a Samsung Gear S2 Classic 3G.
But how does it work and what news does the new South Korean wearable introduce?
Just not so long ago we introduced, through an article with a focus on the subject, the concept of Electronic Sim (eSim) highlighting its strengths and weaknesses.

Samsung Gear S2 with eSim support, a new hi-tech way of living and communicating

Given the progressive tendency of manufacturers to follow the technical trend that wants the simcard to exit the scene in physical format as we know it today, Samsung decided to anticipate the times by starting the production of a smart wristwatch, called Gear S2 Classic 3G, which integrates a dedicated chip that makes up for the lack of the component, while maintaining the initial advantages unaltered. Indeed, to tell the truth, the benefits in terms of usability increase significantly compared to the previous generation now allowing a continuous adaptation to network conditions (more info in the dedicated article).

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At present it is not clear the intention of competing manufacturers to implement this requirement on their new products as well. Anyway Samsung was able to sign numerous partnerships with the major world operators (Vodafone, Orange, StarHub and others) which will bring the new device to the US markets and, at least initially, to the United Kingdom alone as regards the Euro zone. This is due to the conditions of adaptation to the new communication standard in RSP technology by telephone operators who will have to provide their full support for this purpose.

From a technical point of view, the device does not disappoint expectations, creating the perfect combination with the products of the series Samsung Galaxy and not only. The OS on which the wearable runs is Tizen, seen and revised during these months, while the possibility of breaking free from forced coupling to other mobile devices thanks to the new functions that will arrive in March and which will therefore confer full autonomy to the iWatch Samsung. At this point one wonders if, hypothetically speaking, it will not be the smartphones themselves that will be supplanted by wearables that can count on greater autonomy and unparalleled portability.

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And would you give up your smartphone in favor of the new Samsung Gear S2 Classic 3G? Do you like the idea of ​​an on-chip electronic sim? We want to hear from you. Tell us yours and don’t forget to share the article on social networks. Source: SamMobile