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Samsung Internet Browser compatible with all Android devices: the best alternative to Google Chrome

Samsung Internet Browser compatible with all Android devices: the best alternative to Google Chrome

The Android experience in the context of devices Samsung Galaxy has aimed, up to now, at an exclusive use of some applications to be placed side by side with those desired by the developer of Mountain View for its ecosystem.

Until now, in fact, Galaxy-branded devices have benefited from the software implementations provided by the online navigation system Samsung Internet Browsernow on the public distribution channel of the Google PlayStore, after a series of refinements to the code that from the Beta version led to the roll-out of the stable revision.

Google Chrome is, at the moment, the most popular and most used browser in the entire ecosystem of the green robot. However, the distance between users and the integration of the new South Korean navigation software system is very short. In fact, the latest optimizations and improvements to the code have led to the creation of a snappy, secure and perfectly integrated browser with the rest of the system features.

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The new application, at the moment, works with Google devices of the Nexus Phone line equipped with a minimum version of the Google OS equal to Android 5.0 Lollipop and later versions. In the future, of course, the company will undertake to expand the range of compatible devices and OSs, guaranteeing access to new and interesting functions. What are, at the moment, the most relevant features?

First we have DuckDuckGo, a search engine to be used as an alternative to the classic search engines of Google and other multinationals. A distinctive feature of this new system is the security and confidentiality of the data, together with functions that perform a quick search of the contents.

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In addition to this first feature, the company has also developed a system for filtering unwanted content from third-party apps. No unwanted content will invade the browsing space. With Disconnect.me Content Blocker, for example, you can block tracking cookies and ensure the right level of confidentiality.

Furthermore, the Samsung browser offers full support to Web Payments API for the secure management of online financial transactions, as well as Progressive Web Apps, applications to be used as browser extensions or separate apps. In addition, it is also possible to activate the tools Amazon Shopping Assistant to compare the prices of products found on the web with those found on Amazon.

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There are also functions explicitly devoted to multimedia, such as Video Assistant, which allows you to switch between different video viewing modes by activating a pop-up player on a separate floating window. Still in the context of videos, it will be possible to benefit from the features for 360-degree videos, to be viewed directly from the screen without using a special virtual reality viewer. All without the need for additional third-party applications.

Furthermore, the browser fully supports the control gesture, so that it will be possible to swipe right / left to switch from one address to another on the address bar or at the bottom to recall the tabs open in the background. In addition, the application also has a quick menu in the extensions, which allows instant access to the most useful functions.

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Samsung Internet Browser is fully compatible with the Desktop processing of the Android environment via Samsung DeX Stationthe new accessory introduced with Galaxy S8 and S8 + Plus to transform the smartphone into a pocket PC.

A decidedly advanced browser rich in features. Perfect for competing with the highly acclaimed Google Chrome. What do you think about it? Have you already installed it? If you have not done so, you can download the new application directly from the badge at the bottom of the page. Finally, space for all your personal comments on this matter.

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