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Samsung DeX: Linux OS support for Galaxy S8 and Note 8 is coming

Samsung DeX: Linux OS support for Galaxy S8 and Note 8 is coming

Samsung Electronics presented its top-of-the-range units for the consumer market of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + Plus smart mobile solutions in the context of a New York event that literally attracted attention to indisputable design samples and proposals that have elevated the modern technological ideal on a completely different level.

After being elected by the expert analysts of Consumer Rerport as the best solutions of the entire smartphone sector of this 2017, in front of protagonists of the caliber of LG V30, Google Pixel 2 and iPhone 8 / iPhone X, the Hi-Tech jewels from Samsung are prepare to offer further added value in the field of Desktop-Mobile Android OS convergence productivity that takes into account the latest innovations corresponding to the use of platforms Samsung DeX, which were also repeated in the business phone context of the Galaxy Note 8 solutions arrived at the end of August 2017.

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After having examined the new frontiers of productivity on the move and the new integration systems with Windows 10 platforms for Samsung DeX Station Today further interesting arguments are being addressed which place an important profile on the new margin of differentiated operations that the South Korean company intends to offer to its users.

A new project, in fact, lights up the spirits and hopes of those who see the DeX Station as a new way of increasing their operational possibilities in the context of multimedia and productivity. The performance level reached by the latest top of the range and the optimizations that are allowing an increasingly massive implementation of apps and parallel platforms will also allow you to benefit from a new interactive layer to be provided with the Linux on platform. Galaxy.

This is a project still in its embryonic state but whose features take on particular relevance in a context of wide-ranging convergence that will allow us to have a Desktop platform that is always active and ready to respond to our every need for use alongside the standard solutions provided for Android OS and the new frontiers Windows 10 OS for Dex Station.

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At the moment, the project directly involves the developers and all the professionals, but the promise of a similar system to be granted to users shortly speaks volumes also about the enthusiasm shown by the public who, thanks to an application implementation layer kernel based Linuxwill be able to count on the support for the official distributions of the operating systems as indicated by the official declarations released in these hours in the supporting documentation related to the project, where we read that:

“Linux on Galaxy allows developers to use Samsung smartphones for all their computing needs, including building apps. It allows owners of the latest Galaxy devices to run their favorite Linux distributions, directly from their smartphone, using the same kernel underlying the Android operating system, to ensure the best possible performance “

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From the official presentation page it is possible to make a contextual registration using a form that activates an alert circuit for availability notices. A sensational project for a company that intends to offer the public an experience of use at the limits of the conventional.

We will certainly not fail to provide you with further updates on this incredible extraordinary project which, certainly, will increase our experience of use by manifesting extensive integration capabilities and new entertaining possibilities both for multimedia entertainment environments and pure and simple productivity. .

At the moment, moreover, it refers to the fact that Samsung has already signed some commercial agreements in the gaming context that will soon make videogame titles of the caliber of compatible Vainglory (Super Evil Megacorp), Survival Arena (Game Insight), BombSquad (Eric Froemling) and Lineage 2 Revolution (Netmarble).

“The Samsung DeX ecosystem will continue to grow and we will expand partnerships with third-party developers, delivering ever richer experiences to users, opening the door to an increasingly connected era”

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This is an unprecedented revolution. Don’t you think? Space for all your comments and all your personal considerations in this regard.