Rumors: Apotheon, Transistor Free for PS4 in PlayStation Plus February update

Sing if you’re winning

PlayStation Plus has been on a bit of a roll for a while now, and Sony is clearly interested in keeping the momentum going. A leak on one of the platform owner’s European blogs has revealed that the slick action RPG Apotheon will be free to PlayStation 4 subscribers in February, to be joined by Supergiant Games’ acclaimed Transistor.

On the PlayStation 3, you’ll get two big retail releases: Thief and Yakuza 4. We’re particularly excited about the addition of the latter, as it should finally give everyone a chance to try out one of Maxi Game Towers’ favorite properties. That’s not all, of course, as Rogue Legacy will also be available on PS4, PS3 and Vita, while handheld fans will also get kick & fennick platformer.

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We’ll be following up with a feature describing all of these titles in a bit more detail as soon as they’re confirmed, but what’s your reaction to this drop in leaked content? Take heart or sneer in the comments section below.

Upgrade: Sony has officially confirmed this lineup for Europe and North America.