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Robots are already stealing our jobs – that’s what they can do

Robots are already stealing our jobs – that’s what they can do

Many imagine a future in which i robot they perform numerous tasks for us, a correct idea in a sense, but we must realize that the future has already arrived. These machines help humans in various contexts, carrying out tiring or dangerous activities, but there is no shortage of other examples.

Already today we can find ourselves in a robotic staffed hotel or attend a funeral celebrated by a “robotic priest”, there are no limits to the applications of this technology. But what are the works that the machines are already able to do for us? Let’s find out together.

Robot at work

Flippy already works in 50 Fast Foods, but there are many other robots that can be used in the kitchen. Moley Robotic has come up with Robotic Kitchen, a sort of robotic limb capable of downloading a recipe from the web and replicating it in detail. The ideal colleague for those chefs who demand maximum precision.

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We are only at the beginning. The robot is already in operation at the San Francisco Medical Center pharmacist, a machine capable of analyzing the medical prescription and finding the medicines the patient needs. Machines capable of directing Andrea Bocelli on stage, let alone if there are no robots that know sew t-shirts.

In Spain they have created a robot that irones for you, Lowry instead it manages to make T-shirts, replacing the beauty of 17 workers. Will robots take away our jobs? Maybe yes, but they can help us out in a thousand situations. In Singapore there is a personal trainer called RoboCoach.

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What makes this machine special? RoboCoach is employed at facilities that house seniors to help them keep fit. The same idea was adopted in Japan, a country that has always been known for a great robotics passion.