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Review Tado intelligent climate control V3 +: the air conditioner becomes smart


Review Tado intelligent climate control V3 +: the air conditioner becomes smart

Tado V3 + is the new version of the intelligent climate control system, designed to make life easier for all users who would like a smart air conditioningto be controlled freely with the voice assistants, or simply via the mobile application.

Inside the package we do not find many components or accessories, only the smart thermostat, which should be hung on the wall, by means of the double-sided tape (and not by dowels and various screws). These are made entirely of plastic and are colored matt white (does not get dirty easily), and has relatively small dimensions, reaching 100 x 100 x 14.5 mm, with a weight of only 76 grams.

There are no physical buttons on the surface, but one can be found on the front LED matrix with 10 × 19 LEDs (32 x 20 millimeters in size), with surface capacitive touch. The brightness it is not adjustable, by touching it, it will be possible to receive the status information of the air conditioner, and change the type of use, temperature, power of the fans and the like. The operation is discreet, it does not appear to be too reactive, it will be necessary to exert a slight pressure to send the input, but nothing different than we would have expected.

In the back there is an entrance microUSB for connecting to a wall socket, as the smart thermostat not intact a battery. The positioning is comfortable, just a pity that you have a wire that goes down close to the wall is not beautiful to see, despite having a length of 1,850 meters.

Operation and use

The Tado V3 + born to make smart the air conditioners, is compatible with most of the models on the market (even with heat pump), the only limitation concerns the remote controller of the product you own. It must have a screen showing the temperature and how to use it (not just the temperature), otherwise the system may not be compatible or not work properly.

Installation is simple, does not require a HUB, interfaces directly with the router of home using connectivity 802.11ac monoband WiFi. The thermostat will replace the basic remote control, given the presence of infrared sensors which will send the inputs in its place, for that reason needs to be positioned in the same environment as the air conditioner, and in a location that allows it to see the model to be checked.

Compatibility with Google AssistantAmazon Alexa and Apple Homekit it extends the possibilities of use, making it truly smart. The functions actually reachable are the same as those foreseen by the original remote control, with the addition of small goodies for saving energy and safeguarding the environment.

Official application

With the official application of Tadoin addition to the thermostat we have already talked about, you can control yours Tado V3 +. The interface is clean, well done, tidy and with very attractive graphics (as well as being very simple).

There intelligent programming, with open window detection, are the two most popular features. In the first case it will be possible to set one temperature to be kept “constant”, dividing it into certain time intervals of the day, or replicating the various segments over the course of the week (possibly differentiating them between weekends and working days). With detectioninstead, the system will be able to tell when a window has been opened in the environment in which the thermostat is positioned, stopping the operation of the air conditioner for a previously established time interval.

There is no lack of geolocationwith different behaviors whether you are at home or outside (the GPS of the connected smartphone is used), the possibility of programming the operation of the air conditioner, based on the conditions atmospheric (cloudy or sunny days), or the energy saving modes and well-being of the airwhich will help you understand how to save and what the air quality is in the surroundings and in your home.

All the functions and methods described will be possible using the geolocation of the smartphone, as well as i sensors from temperature And humidity present directly on the smart thermostat.

Tado V3 +: conclusions

In conclusion the Tado V3 + is a system that works perfectly, is widely compatible with most air conditioners, is small, equipped with an application with a simplified interface, and able to facilitate the achievement of all functions without the need to purchase a hub additional. On the other side of the coin we find an operation very similar to what we see with the Philips Hue (so you can not turn on the system from the app and then turn it off from the physical remote control, as it becomes misaligned), and perhaps an aesthetic that is not too design or beautiful to look at.

For all our tests and considerations, watch the video that we have reported below.

Tado V3 +

99 euros


Aesthetics and design

7.0 / 10


8.0 / 10

Official application

8.5 / 10


7.5 / 10



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