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Residents of El Chiquihuite will be evicted, due to the risk of heavy rains: PC del Edomex

Residents of El Chiquihuite will be evicted, due to the risk of heavy rains: PC del Edomex

At the moment there is no danger of another landslide on the Chiquihuite hill; but in the event that, during the current rainy season, intense rainfall is detected that represents a risk, a preventive evacuation of the citizens who live in the homes of zone zero will be carried out, assured the General Coordinator of Civil Protection of the State of Mexico Samuel Gutierrez.

The official said that during the current rainy season the Civil Protection authorities of the State of Mexico, in coordination with the municipal government, carry out permanent monitoring in the Chiquihuite ground zero; and the studies will begin.

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He stressed that at the moment a relocation of the neighbors is not necessary, who returned to live in their homes; There have also been no reports of material detachment, caused by the rainy season; but if necessary, families will be evicted. He stressed that they have shelters that are enabled, in the same places where they were placed last year, when part of the hill collapsed.

“In case we have some important rain, with the monitoring that is done permanently in the area; if we see that this is the case, we will call the population to carry out a preventive evacuation.”

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“As of today, we don’t need it, but we will continue to monitor and communicate with families, so that if necessary, we can evacuate.”

There will be relocation of victims of the Chiquihuite hill, they endorse the disincorporation of the property

The official said that in the detachment area, where the slope stabilization work was carried out with an investment of 15 million pesos, there are no risks by the Mexican government; but in the entire area of ​​the hill, which also covers part of the territory of Mexico City, it must be evaluated.

“So far we have not had any reports of any issues that may be out of the ordinary. If we have, obviously, and there will continue to be waterfalls, on a wall or on the entire slope, with the rainy season theme, we will continue to see how it falls, that is natural”.

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“But obviously the entire hillside is many kilometers long, it is not only from the State of Mexico, but also from Mexico City, from the mayor’s office, the Gustavo A. Madero delegation, they are also going to do a census, because they also have land, where they are going to relocate the people from those homes.”

the owner of the State personal computer indicated that, according to the census carried out in the Chiquihuite risk area, there are 210 families that will be relocated, but their eviction will take place once the houses built by the federal government on the land donated by the government are completed municipality of Tlalnepantla.

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He assured that work tables are held with the three orders of government to define the steps to follow in the relocation project of the affected neighbors.

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