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Renewable energies: the solar printer is launched in public

Renewable energies: the solar printer is launched in public

A futuristic demonstration of the new emerging materials of renewable energy, like printed solar cells, are being tested for the first time in front of an audience as their commercial availability approaches. The renewable energy technology of the University of NewCastle, light, flexible and economical to produce, will power Sydney’s public lighting. This material is made using conventional printers.

Globally, there have been so few of these installations that we know very little about how they perform in a public setting. This installation is the next critical step in accelerating the development and commercialization of this technology. It presents us with a new scenario to test performance and durability against a host of new challenges. This demonstration captures the extraordinary science of laboratories and places it in an ordinary environment, where people interact with it during their daily habits.

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Solar Press, a public demonstration for renewable energy

It is an easy way to do understand people what’s next in energy generation. The team said they were confident that the public installation would spark even more interest, especially federal governments that have considered this proposal for some technology investments. The government is looking to cut carbon emissions over the next 30 years and the population is also very busy in this regard. Globally, there are many research groups like this study working on sustainable energy technologies and now, through technological investments, it is our opportunity to make sure we invest and deliver smart solutions.

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This new project is committed to bringing the world closer to a more sustainable future through its possibilities of engagement in next generation resources. This printing facility can produce hundreds of meters of material per day, however we are now reaching the point where this level of production needs to be significantly scaled down. This technology will truly disrupt and revolutionize the contract printing industry. Compared to familiar energy technologies, this material has an almost surreal quality: it is extremely light, hyperflexible and incredibly thin.

Attached to a highly sculptural and modernist pergola and for this application reinforced by a polycarbonate enclosure, the panels generate energy during the day, which is stored in a battery to power a dazzling interactive light display at night. As previously mentioned, the printed solar is really cheap, with cost less than $ 10 and quick to produce and especially large quantities per day. No other renewable energy technology can be produced this quickly. The low cost and speed with which this technology can be implemented is exciting as we have to find solutions and quickly.

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Precisely these characteristics they are inspiring a lot of possible applicationsincluding relief and recovery in the event of natural disasters. Imagine a world where everyone has access to electricity and where every surface can generate clean, low-cost and sustainable energy from the sun. It’s a world we all want to live in.

Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay