Relaxing sounds to disconnect with the help of your iPhone

The app stores are full of proposals to do yoga, meditate, do breathing exercises, listen to the sounds of nature, listen to white noise… But from your own iPhone you can generate relaxing sounds without having to install applications, which are sometimes payment. You just need a little time to disconnect from the routine and relax with background sounds.

Among the many hidden surprises Apple has introduced to its iPhone is a simple feature that simply generates background sounds. A looped audio that you can listen to for minutes or hours, depending on the time you need. And it is that relaxing sounds the sea and the rain transport us to quiet places where we can stop thinking about work, bills or any problem you have had today.

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The problems will still be there, but at least you can take a break. And your body and mind will thank you. As simple as choosing a sound from those available, adapting the volume to your ear and enjoying. You can use your iPhone’s speaker or, for a more immersive experience, put on a pair of headphones. Let’s see how.

Relaxing sounds on your iPhone

To camouflage ambient noise to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle or simply to take time for yourself. Background sounds or relaxing sounds, such as music, allow us to organize our thoughts and stop being overwhelmed by what is on our minds at the moment. We will not fix anything, but for a few moments we can take a breather and thus be fresher to continue with the day to day.

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And the best thing is that it does not require any application from the App Store. Neither free, nor paid, nor by subscription. This feature is built into your own iPhone. More specifically in the accessibility settings. So grab your iPhone and go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio & Visual > Background Sounds.

Once there, just activate the function by clicking the button to the right of Background sounds. Below you will find the available sounds. Rain by default. But there are also soothing sounds of ocean, creek, pink noise, white noise and brown noise. It is also possible to regulate the volume of the background sound independently of the volume of the iPhone. Finally, we can activate an option so that it stops the relaxing sounds. if the iPhone is locked. By default it is disabled.

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sounds of colors

As a curiosity, the three colored noises available on your iPhone refer to the frequencies they use. He white noise It is usually used at night, before going to sleep. Combines all audio frequencies, high and low. Examples of white noise might be static from a TV when you’re not tuned to a channel, or at least it was in the past, or the sound of a waterfall.

For its part, pink noise also uses all possible frequencies, although low frequencies stand out. It is often compared to the sound produced by heavy rain. Finally, brown noise is similar to pink noise but with mid and low frequencies, further emphasizing the low frequencies. As examples of brown noise we find the noise of thunder or the crackling of a bonfire.

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In short, if you are looking for relaxing sounds to concentrate while you study, take a break at work or relax at home, try the background sounds that your own iPhone offers you, without the need to download applications from the App Store. A practical and simple way to Take your time when silence is not an option or you cannot find that song that you like so much.