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Realme Buds Air Neo review: a lot of quality for only 40 euros

Realme Buds Air Neo review: a lot of quality for only 40 euros

The Realme Buds Air Neo represent the last piece of the new oriental company to try to provide the user with an ecosystem IoT complete and strong interaction. After smartphones, smartwatches and fitness trackers, here are the first true wireless headphones in perfect Apple Airpods style.

The small charging box remember really very much the renowned earphones of the Cupertino company, it is made entirely of white glossy plastic, of extremely small dimensions, only 51.3 x 45.25 x 25.3 mm with a total weight of 30.5 grams. A single button has been placed on its surface physicistto be used to force pairing with another device, as well as a LED green which will indicate its status. Comfortable, small and truly pocket-sized, although it is made of shiny plastic, the fingerprints are not so visible.

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The earphones I am true wireless in-ear, the form factor does not provide the adoption of rubber pads, consequently the measure is that and you will have to make it fit. They are slightly invasive for the pavilion, not too much; as a convenience I have retained them perfectbecause they are accommodated very well, without of course hooking up that much. It should be remembered that we are not talking about ear phones think for sports, consequently if you walk or jog too fast, you will lose them; the stem is not cylindrical as for the Airpods, it has a slightly flattened, more oval shape.

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Technical specifications

The Realme Buds Air Neo present the R1 Wireless chip with driver from 13 millimetersthe dimensions are also very interesting, reaching 40.5 x 16.59 x 17.70 mm, for a weight of single product of suns 4.1 grams. I’m really very lightonce they are worn you can also forget them, although they are in-ear they do not cause particular annoyance if used for a long time.

L’amplifier of basses placed in them uses polyurethane And titanium of high quality, in this way the flexibility of the first material, against the stiffness of the second, managing to provide a yield deep and well detailed. In practical terms, i bass they are pleasantly full-bodied, if considered the type of product, without disturbing them middle frequencies and highalso almost amazing (improved thanks to the presence of a special opening integrated directly into the headset).

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The Realme Buds Air Neo are certified IPX4 against splashes of water, sweat and dust, and are perfectly compatible with all devices on the market, the connection will take place via bluetooth 5.0. To improve usage in sessions video And gamingthe company has integrated a defined modality low latencymaintaining pressure on both earphones will achieve a latency of only 119.2 milliseconds for perfect synchronization of audio and video.

They have not been integrated physical buttonsthere are two sensitivity areas at the beginning of the bar, the commands can be customized to your liking directly from the official application Realme Link (today only available for Android). Lacks unfortunately the check volume, you will always need to use your smartphone; instead, there is thevoice assistant directly into the headphones.

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They are fully compatible with the AAC and SBC standards, as well as the Google Fast Pair for a quick connection to the smartphone (it takes a maximum of 3 seconds from when you open the box).

Although they are in-earit is in no way guaranteed thesoundproofing, you will hear everything that happens around you; the same goes for the calls. The microphones are positioned both on the temples and on the headset, we noticed one great difficulty communication outdoors, the interlocutor heard much more the surrounding environment than our voice, calls are to be made only indoors or in situations of absolute silence.

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There battery is slightly below average, the charge of the individual headphones will allow use up to a maximum of 3 hours (the competition is around 5 hours), using the charging case they will reach approx 17 hours overall. The last drawback concerns the socket attached to it, one more microUSB.

Realme Buds Air Neo: conclusions

In conclusion the Realme Buds Air Neo they are really interesting, for only 40 euros (official price of the Realme site) you can get your hands on really comfortable devices, portable even for a long time and with a very good audio performance. Clearly, for such a figure certain waivers are necessary, the biggest one concerns the almost total impossibility of use for outdoor calls.

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Below for the video review and the final scores.

Realme Buds Air Neo

39.99 euros


Aesthetics and ergonomics

7.5 / 10


7.5 / 10


6.0 / 10


6.5 / 10


7.5 / 10



Buy it on the official Realme website