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RAM has dropped up to 8% in price this quarter


RAM has dropped up to 8% in price this quarter

It seems that little by little the price of some components such as graphics cards is beginning to contain itself to more common values. DDR5 RAM has already started its decline after the initial whirlwind after its launch, and now it seems that DDR4, and other types of RAM in general, are also following that price reduction trend.

According to data provided by TrendForce, RAM memory has dropped to 8% and a minimum of 3%. Those percentages are identical if we specify only DDR5 memory, while DDR5 is down by as much as 5% this quarter, on top of the 8% drop in the past. These are encouraging figures that seem to be in line with the price reduction that has been seen in recent weeks.

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The smartphone sector also picks up this drop and even the VRAM on graphics cards has a 0-5% price markdown.

Although the coronavirus pandemic brought a general increase in sales, which was added to a lack of stock in some components, now that the situation is normalizing and the restrictions have been loosened, the sale of components and other computer devices has also increased. content and there is still production while demand is reduced. Added to this is the general increase in the CPI and a crisis caused, among other things, by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.