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Qualcomm could launch its own Nintendo Switch with Android

Qualcomm could launch its own Nintendo Switch with Android

While the rumors of a new (2021’s Nintendo Switch: New Nvidia Chip, Price Hike, 4K Graphics, and More) We find out how a new competitor could have made the popular Japanese console a new competitor, as reported exclusively by Android Police.

According to leaks, the famous processor manufacturer Qualcomm wants to debut in the consumer electronics market, and it would not do so with a simple mobile, but with a device very similar to the Nintendo Switch.

Qualcomm “Switch” on the way

There are no images of this future device yet, but according to the reliable sources of Android Police, Qualcomm would also make use of removable controls type ‘joycon’ that would go to the sides of the screen, which could be approximately 6’65 “.

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The design would be like that of a straight line phone but thicker and bulkier. That thicker design would allow for a large 6,000mAh battery and better cooling for a more powerful processor that wouldn’t be feasible in an ultra-thin phone.

Qualcomm is reportedly already using a premium supplier to design and manufacture the gamepads, but the name of that manufacturer is unknown.

Qualcomm’s “Nintendo Switch” would be based on Android 12 with a layer of customization, it would have HDMI output to play games from a TV and an SD card slot for expandable storage.

The console would not only come with the Google Play Store but it also seems that it would come from the factory with the Epic Games Store to be able to download Fortnite. In addition, it would be compatible with Stadia and Geforce Now.

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Its launch is expected in the first quarter of 2022, with which there is still a year to go before it reaches the market. Its price would be around $300 and it seems that only one model would go on sale with 5G and Wi-Fi. What is not clear is whether it will go on sale together with the joycons or it will be an accessory that will have to be purchased separately.

Via | android police