PS4 Shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall downloads the information about its cooperative component

As promised earlier this week, developer Guerrilla Games has raised the curtain on Killzone: Shadow Fall’s new multiplayer mode, and to no one’s surprise, the downloadable addition has turned out to be the long-awaited co-op component of the title.

On the European PlayStation Blog, the studio has opened wide the new mode, called Intercept. An expansion that supports up to four players, it features four character classes ranging from the long-range marksman to the tactical who controls the battlefield, and will see you hold back the waves of Helghast’s forces as you attempt to transmit data. To aid you in your fight, you can earn bonuses such as artillery strikes and, of course, jetpacks.

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The pack includes four maps inspired by the single-player campaign and will also be available as a standalone version, perfect for those who are interested in teaming up with friends, but don’t have access to the original game. As for the release date, the expansion is charting a course for the PlayStation 4 later this year, but the price has not been specified. However, season ticket holders will be able to take this meaty content for free. Will he plunge into intergalactic war again after this reveal? Are you already looking for capable allies? Cover yourself in the comment section below.

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