PS4 Exclusive inFAMOUS: second son recharges with photo mode

“Have a free update”

Sucker Punch’s superhero sequel inFAMOUS: Second Son is an outrageously engaging game, and you’ll be able to show off just how picturesque the streets of Seattle are as part of the new package patch. The new photo mode will allow you to create custom screenshots from the game, and it seems that there will be a number of options at your disposal.

As explained in the embedded video below, you will not only be able to frame your image, but you will also be able to set depth of field, focus, color palette, and much more. “We were totally in awe of the quality of the screenshots you all shared,” said studio head Brian Fleming on the PlayStation blog. “So we thought we would try to help all of them. With this patch, you can enable the photographic mode within the options ”.

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Of course, that’s not all the update will add. As promised above, you will also be able to limit the frame rate of the title to 30 frames per second, which will prevent the title from sliding above that number. Elsewhere, the company has fixed some bugs and added the ability to turn off the warning screen and change the time of day after the game is over. Now you can finally polish the remaining districts in the rain.

You can read the full list of patch notes on the PlayStation Blog. Are you satisfied with these improvements or are you still waiting for something in particular to be incorporated? Consume our powers in the comment section below.

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