PS4 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare changes everything on November 4


Even the best militaries in the world have to make contingency plans, so it’s good to see that Activision was prepared to react to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare overnight. Despite the publisher originally planning to release the first trailer for the Sledgehammer Games-developed sequel on Sunday, the footage has arrived a few days early, but it still looks great.

Unsurprisingly, the title is set in the future, where “technology and tactics have evolved to usher in a new era for the franchise.” In addition to a particularly strong monologue from Kevin Spacey, the footage also offers a considerable look at some of the new tools you’ll be able to wield, including a portable shield, hover bikes, and some Spider-Man-esque climbing gloves.

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And more importantly, it demonstrates a real step forward visually for the franchise, which has started to look dated lately. The character models in particular appear to have been greatly improved, but there are also hints of some seriously bombastic gameplay pieces, including a collapsing bridge. The only disappointment is that the images are taken from the Xbox One, which means Microsoft has likely renewed their joint marketing partnership.

However, with the game being built for next-gen systems first and foremost, you can be sure this is going to really take advantage of the PlayStation 4’s added grunt. Don’t worry if it hasn’t been updated yet, though. , as rumors suggest Transformers: Fall of Cybertron developer High Moon Studios is handling the PlayStation 3 version.

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The game will be out on November 4th, which is a typical slot from the mega-franchise. What did you think of the caravan? Trigger finger itching to try out some future tech? Take note of the sights in the comments section below.