Project Stray’s Cross is Naughty Dog’s first game on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

We now know that Naughty Dog is working on The Last of Us Part II, but according to a new rumor there is also an entirely new game at the studio in development for the PlayStation 5. The project would be internally named Stray’s Cross and a first-person action adventure game are within the steampunk genre. The rumor comes from an anonymous 4chan user, making it wise to take this information with a large grain of salt for now.

Stray’s Cross

Rumor has it that the game has no official title yet and that Stray’s Cross is a code name for the project. Naughty Dog’s games are mostly based on a realistic world and we are curious what one of the best studios at the moment could possibly do with steampunk, a genre that is usually more based on fantasy.

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Stray’s Cross is said to revolve around two protagonists, a former female scientist described as a talented scientist completely fascinated by space-time science. She is said to have discovered confidential documents that will help her to reveal a secret. The second protagonist is a former construction worker who is wanted by the police. He is said to have been wrongfully arrested for protecting a likewise wanted friend during a shooting with the police.

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The plot focuses on a secret conflict that has been going on for centuries and could end existing society. “The story begins with an informal meeting between the two protagonists, both from completely different backgrounds, who will soon have to work together to get what they are looking for,” the source said.

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This information about Stray’s Cross is said to have been revealed during a recent meeting between Sony and Naughty Dog. The final name of the game would not have been determined, although it is clear that the game will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 5 (PS5).

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